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Mukhtar mesmerizes New Jersey audience

  • In Entertainment
  • 00:00, 16 Dec
  • By Sudhir Vyas

Elizabeth: Mesmerized. This one word could surmise the outcome of a musical night where if the audience were to close their eye they would have an inner feeling that legendary singer Mukesh was on stage singing that night. Although Mukesh has been in history books for the past 38 years it was as if his soul has been reincarnated in form of Mukhtar Shah and was entertaining the Indian audience once again.

Right from the word go Mukhtar had mesmerized the packed audience at Ritz Theater in Elizabeth. Though the introductory music had a calming effect, the repeated applause from the packed house was deafening. That noise was for the newest singing sensation from India, Mukhtar Shah who on his very first performance in New Jersey had won their heart and soul.

Well known entertainer Roshni Suchde of Roshni Production along with her mentor Natwar Thakkar presented Mukhtar Shah to the music lovers of New Jersey through the musical evening aptly named `Ek yaad Mukeshji ke Baad’. It was as if the audience was taken back home with the singing and music of yesteryears which is still alive and can make the audience sway, clap and whistle at every song.

No sooner that Mukhtar hit the stage, elegantly dressed sometimes in a red coat and black pants or in white shirt, black pant and maroon sleeveless jacket the singer had built up an instant rapport with the audience with his ever-smiling face and his songs.

Mukhtar would often raise his palm, tap the stage or just tap his hands on his legs which clearly showed the command he had on the stage and the audience. People loved every move and every smile of the singing sensation.

He started off with one of his most admired song `kabhi Kabhie’ and that set the stage on fire. Mukhtar had told his fans that he would try and sing songs of Mukeshji. One hit led to the other and it seemed that the night in Elizabeth would never end as he dished out one hit after another which left his admirers spell-bound and mesmerized.

The high point of the entire show was that even though the songs were age old, but yet it seemed as if it was just released and the crowd never had chance to yawn or get bored, firstly due to the hit songs and secondly because of the spectacular lighting.

During the course of the night Mukhtar went on to sing some of legendary Mukesh’s songs which included `Mera pyaar bhi ye bahar bhe’, `Savaan ka mahina’, `Chandan sa badan’ from the film Saraswati Chandra `Kissi ke muskurahad se’ or `Ghar aya mera piya’, `Taro me sajke apne suraj se’, or `dam dam diga diga’ àe ab lot chale’. He left nothing to chance and even rendered a couple of Gujarati songs like``Pankhida ne a pinjaru junu junu lage’ and evergreen songs `nazar ne jam chakavine’. Even the four song medley was rendered in the most enchanting way which led to the crowd demanding more and more. They were in no mood to go home. With the crowd sending their choice of songs it became impossible for Mukhtar to sing all of them so he chose to sing just one stanza of the songs.

Mukhtar also sang duet songs with Shobhna who also entertained the audience with the song from Mughal-E-Azam clad in a red dress with a red cap. They also sang along with another singer Sanjay who sang some of another legendary singer Mohammed Rafi and won the heart of the audience.

The national promoter for this event was Roshni Suchde of Roshni Productions, a leading entertainment company recently launched in January of this year. The production company has various innovative ideas which includes undertaking big entertainment projects like organizing musical concerts with Bollywood stars and bringing well known dramas. Roshni plans to do away with small musical and entertainment events.

The entire program was given the uplift for the excellent sound and lighting quality which was provided maintained by Kaushal Thkkar of A & K Events.

Roshini Productions also plans to bring in Gujarati dramas. The recent one under its belt was `Modibhaie Gaam Gajaviyu’. Another feather in its cap was the Arijit Singh live concert, one more hit event was `Ek Shaam Rafi Kishor ke Naam’. Roshni Production has also presented another singer Bankim Pathak who also sings songs of legendary singer Mohammed Rafi. The productions house also plans to hold Navratri events.